Best Danish World Liveact 2015 


Bjonko performs genuine Balkan Beats with an urban contemporary sound. 
Situated in Copenhagen, Bjonko has been the front figure on the Nordic Balkan scene for more then a decade. Together with his liveband they perform on several big venues and festivals, and the unique show has fascinated fans and critics around the globe.
In 2014 he was nominated for 2 Danish Music Awards in 2 categories, best world album and best world composer. 
In 2015 he won a grammy at the annual Danish Music Awards for best world liveact.
Bjonko has collaborated with many great mainstream artist like Klamfyr from the Danish rap group Suspekt and Fallulah on their joint tour ”Fallulah feat. Bjonko”, where they performed at Smukfest 2014 in Skanderborg at P3-teltet. He was a part of the the biggest danish tv-serie ”1864”, where he  acts together with his band as the ”gyspies” and plays some of his music. 


Bjonko's shows are usually played with his liveband and with the perfect instrumental combination for Contemporary Balkan Beats. Most of the time they count 6 on stage besides Bjonko.   

Sax & Clarinet - Trumpet - Accordion & Keys - Electrical Guitar - Bass Guitar -Drums & Perc. - Vocal

His permanent liveband collaborations and musical partners for many years are Rasim Durakovic and Bjoern Heeboell.